Live fast and enjoy..... Hello to all!

Hey there,

Yep am new to the forum… Place your virtual orders and I’ll see what I can manage

Been riding for a little while now, was at the Kills Spills thing yesterday, am down the Ace most Fridays, been to Frith once… and yes I’ve met Sonic

If ya see me pootling around on my black bandit 600, give us a nod… other wise a hand to pick her up off the floor would be nice

So thats me - Biker Biker (aka Break lever Breaker)

Ride safe everyone x


Most of the regulars are out on a run I think but AJ will be here with with Newbie Stick soon!

Well you met Sonic and survived so see you donw Frith again soon and don’t forget Cubana meet every Wednesday!!!

Just got in myself, knackered… been out since the crack of dawn.

What a beautiful day!!

It’s been a lovely day and me and the Twin went out for a quick jaunt earlier too!

Welcome to LB Biker Biker

It feels like ages since I poke a newbie so… poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Da Artist

Hey Biker Biker, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures forum for us! Hope to see you at Cubana soon!



Hey I thought it was AJ that was gonna go first

Gotta figure out how to reduce the size of my Avatar pic first. Even after resizing its huge.

Plus not gonna post pics of the bike in its current sorry state… I’ve got plans over the winter

Hello, welcome to LB

welcome to the site

Hi and welcome to the LBs, maybe see you at the ace for the next newbie meet


Welcome Biker Biker,

Hope to see you out on a rideout soon, plenty going on. Some of us were at the Harwich run yesterday, then got bored so took a trip to Clacton to view a band stand…then onto Southend for an Ice cream and assured parking.

Keep it safe, rubber side down to coin a phrase.

Hi there BB

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick




Thanks for the warm welcome

I’ve read the site rules…I guess I’m good to go

Damn gotta sort out the Avatar pic

A big welcome to LB … whats wrong withh your Avatar ?

All sorted now…tks technology eh?

Boy am I glad that I didn’t venture up tot the big smoke last night… saving myself for the weekend

Welcome - Is that you in the pic on the left?Explanation in order i think newbie…

Yep… guilty as charged.

Erm … I slipped on the gaffa tape