LittleMissRoadRage Video

LMRR sent me 3 small video clips today together with some pics and asked me if I could make her a vid Capt stylee so I did… and here it is:


Very good, top class

Wow, that looks cool as hell! Nice one Carla! And nice one Fran for putting it together. So what’s this event?!? I want a go!

Hey thats really cool…

Nice one hun Thats crazy

Favorite track on my favorite album too

Jay, it wasn’t really an event as such although we did try to get special minibike trackdays off the ground. It was a supermoto trackday at Lydd back in 04 and chucked the minibike in the back of the car. The lovely Doris who runs the track (Lynn) let me have an hours play at the end. I did do the dirt section a few times but kept sinking in the gravel with my little wheels LOL Unfortunatly no footage of that tho as the others were out with me too.

It was hilarous, there was 3 of us with them and it was such a laugh LOL I bought all the gear for it, Wulf Sport lid (kids), kids goggles and boots too. Spent loads on the motoxgear Gutted I sold that bike now Wouldn’t fit in the mini tho but now I got a golf that seats go down…

Had an escort at the time and it was so cool to be able to chuck the bike in the back after work or on a sunday, go off on my own to a disused airfiled with wasteland and play. It was funny, all these guys with big crossers on trailers and quads, lil ol me pulls up, gets bike out of car and ride off to join them. I must admit, did s**t myself going over a few of the jumps, thought the big boys would land on my head They used to ride pass me cracking up!!! I didn’t care LOL

The 88 was chosen in respect to my Dad as its his old race number from his karting days.

I loved it

That’s so cool. I would love a mini SuperMoto! You should post up some pictures and details of it Carla, it sounds reeeally cool

Great little video, and looked like a fun time too.

I even rode “Supermoto stylieeee” with the foot out, did you notice, did you notice???

The only Vids and Photos I had are all on there unfortunatly, apart from one of me riding it around the pool table in my dads pub It was REALLY LOUD!!! had some kind of race pipe on it, its only a 110cc X-Sport and cost about £800 at the time. It came with nobblies on which I used off road but had sccoter tyres for the track as it handled better

I’m at work at the mo on my laptop but think theres more photos at home on my other pc so i’ll post them in the morning. Theres even one of it getting set up on the dyno, think it was pushing out 4 or 5bhp LOL

There wasn’t many places I could ride it so I sold it, big regret now tho Oh well, could always get another sometime I want the 125 thumper next tho

of all things motorbike related the “mini moto” thing is something I’ve never tried.

I’ve seen the road type ones on a small cart track, but I’m not sure my knees would bend that far these days, however that off road bike you had looks far more promising.

Do you know of anywhere that hires them out ?


No I don’t but i’m sure if you do a search on minibike forums then you’d get an answer there.

Most these days that you see kids on are the chinese replicas, ok the x-sport is a rep of a tricked up CR50 but you really get what you pay for.

The serious boys spend £1000s on them (orginal Honda, Two Brothers kit etc?, on the other hand you can get them from your local market stall for £250 (made of coke cans). Depends if you want it to still be in one piece after you hit a pebble. Got some other picys at home of some really high jumps one bloke was doing on them, they are mad!.

Lokk forward to the pics, not really interested in owning one as knowing me it’d be used a couple of times and then left in the shed, the kids are now to old to have much interest in this sort of thing, but wouldn’t mind a play

Being new here I don’t know if anyone has organised anything like this? might be worth a go, or at least see who’s interested.


Great video Cap. littlemiss I will have now to put you under LB’s protection scheme. You were too gorgeous on that video to be without protection. There are too many bad boys out there! lol

Well done!

I did ask her: “when you send your plcs please don’t send porn”, god knows what she would have sent me if have had not imposed those restrictions

That is a cracking video - made me smile - especially liked the helmet - awesome

Hey Macleod, u’ve got a thing about helmets haven’t you? i remember you loved mine last wednesday at the Cubana

Its ALL bike porn on my pc hun

yeah but that kind of porn don’t get me in trouble with gf! lol

blinding video capt!! little miss (who needs laura croft when we have you!) a couple of years back i believe that ktm had a thing going on like a motorcross / supermoto school thingy where you could hire the bikes out and go on the track for a blat…it would be cool if they still done it we could sort out a day trip!

Thank you FZ6, do u know by the way that I really like the Yamaha FZ6? i had one on loan for 7 weeks last november and grown to like it a lot. this one was an unfaired version in the black.

Anyway I do enoy making videos but I really can’t wait to be able to invest in a better resolution quality camcorder and some professional editing software, all these videos you see are done using a cheap jvc mini dv camcorder and for the editing i am relying on microsoft movie maker both of which are really limited in technology and they don’t allow my creativity to fully develop into expression. grrr!!

cheers for that though.

cheers capt for the compliments on the fazer, i had the all black unfaired version all black, renthal street fighter bars, scorpion carbon pipes looked pretty good…but i part exchanged it toward a benelli tornado tre …picked it up today…the ride in to work today was a whole different buzz i can tell you!

i will have to change me name now to…beni-benelli…what do ya think?