Little Leathers?

Got one, got one, got one! First bike, waiting to do DAS and can’t WAIT to get on it!

I have heard it’s got a bit of a rep as a girlie bike but that’s mainly because the seat is pretty low, and it’s not too heavy to pick up if you drop it (unfortunately I know this personally, having let the little darling fall over when taking it off the trailer…)

Go for it! And you’re DEFINITELY not too old for a first bike. There are many a good bit older than you slap bang in the middle of a return to childhood (I refuse to call it a mid-life crisis!)

Theres some having late life crisis as well!

Dang! I bin rumbled!

oh yes yet another qwezzie…wots better one or two piece leathers?

Pluuuuuuuus would i be better off going straight for a DAS course? I wont have a bike for a while but I would just like to get the licence…then save again for the bike and the gear.

The first day of a FULL DAS course almost always covers CBT, so why not get your CBT first and see what you think then? When you’re ready to go for the DAS you won’t have to do that first day as you’ll already have the CBT.

Where are you based? The people I’m going to have been recommended to me by three completely separate people (two bike mechanics and a biker who passed with them first time) and they seem to really know what they’re doing. So if you’re in Surrey you could do a lot worse than them.

Thanx Choxsta. I am in Bucks which is a bit too far from surrey. Hubs may have halted the whole thing at the mo anyway…grumpy git!

Time to get a new hubs then

A mate of mine is 5 foot 2 inches. She bought a Fazer 600, and had a bit taken out of the the seat. She loves it…

I have come by a eu46 thats about a uk36 race jacket - which I will be selling as UK46 would fit me

I’d do your DAS as soon as you can Scrawny - the laws are changing next year and everyone is going to have to visit large national centres (some sort of off road facility which enables higher speed testing).

Even if you cant get the bike right now, its something you dont have to worry about when the time comes.

At 34 its not too late. I passed my DAS this summer, and waited 2 months for my bike to arrive. I’m 33.
Would definately go for a light bike to start with - get your confidence up first.

Things have been on hold cos i have decided to trade the old man in. Once I am settled in my new place I will seriously consider’gettin bikin!’

Went for a rally driving sess a few weeks back and was rubbish… woulda liked to have had more instruction. The car was fitted out for tall people…:w00t:der!

Nice to see you back Scrawny

Way to go girl, now that’s what I call commitment to biking!! :smiley:

If you ever need a biking fix I’m sure there are many, myself included, on here that would be happy to accommodate a pillion, although you’ll have to look out for Ginge if he finds out your single!! lol :wink:

Well somethings have just gotta be done!!!:wink:

Hi Scrawny I am only an inch or so taller than you, My current bike is a Gixer K7 Thou. So you are not too short, there are lots of bikes out there you could manage

i spoke to a girl who runs a bike gear shop specifically for "lady"riders in North London - I think it is called bikegirl2