Little Leathers?

I know I am being incredibly cheeky asking something when I havent been on the newbie forum and bought u all a drink but I have a question for all you knowledgeable peeps.

I Love leather and havent owned a biker jacket for many years. I used to get my jackets at a place in essex but have now moved to Bucks(near Heathrow) …I know you are the London bikers but does anyone know where a scrawny wee thing like me can get a jacket??? Sorta west london area??!


Raceway motorcycles in shepherds bush sell second hand gear,

Ooh ta will have a butchers. xx

Bit early on a saturday morning isn’t it? Us bikers need our sleep you know :wink:

Can’t really help with the question, but I’m sure some one will be along to help soon :slight_smile:

Pm sent !

Hi luvvie i deal a lot with leather and i happen to have a teeny weeny size 10 yellow and black frank thomas ladies leather jacket brand new never been worn…if you do happen to be interested then make me an offer.

Welcome to LB

if your in Bucks, nip across the Border to Berks and try Berkshire Bikes in Slough…

Aprilia dealer and does a healthy supply of gear as well…to cater all sizes…

happy hunting!

also try george whites in slough, suzuki dealer but have a very nice selection of ladies gear.

Cheers u lot will certainly explore the places in Sluff sorry i mean Slough!!!


My Mrs has just found Girls Bike 2 they are openinh shops all over the place and ther is one near Box Hill, another in Hitchin or North London. Probabaly do small sizes but my wife isnt small so not sure

Thanx for your suggestions! I have another qwezzie now. At 5ft 2 and 7ish stone…am I too small for a bike of my own? Over the years I have always got my speed kicks sitting behing someone else who is in control(oh does that sound rude?:blush I really would love a bike of my own as the closest I have ever got is using a quad bike for a job i did years ago when i was 18

Let me know wot u think…

No your not to small.

Get yourself on a CBT and start out with a little 125.

Hi scrawnyschoolgir… first off welcome to LB… Now Hien Gericke have 4 or 5 ladies jackets thats start from a size 8 with bottoms to match

For a bike why not try something like a Honda CBR 125 it small light looks good and a great first ride.(I know its a Honda but we all have to start somewhere)

Poke, poke n SMACK with Da newbie crutches

DA anymore comments about my little honda one and i will nick your crutches,

Seriously though scrawny i am the same height as you and the CBR125 is a fun little bike for a first bike

Crutches will be gone soon I can get around fast enough without them

BUT before I put them away SMACK up side your head!

Thanx u lot. Now all I have to do is convince hubs I wont be dead in a month…lol

Nice little bike that cbr125. Does it sound like a hairdyer though???Sorry thats very vain isnt it!!!

At 34 am i too old to consider having my first bike…I am incredibly green when it comes to all this…so wot advice can u give me with regards to licenses etc…scoose my noviceness

Hi Scrawny, at 34 your not to old, I got to 39 and decieded I wanted to do something diffrent before I was 40 so went out and got a Yamaha SR125, passed my test within 6 months and then got a xv535 for my 40th. So 34 aint to old


Scrawny…admitidely it doesnt sound like a huge sportsbike but it doesnt sound like a little put put scooter either…

And i am 38 so at 34 you are not old, cos if you are then what does that make me…dont answer that you lot…

Someone has suggested a yamaha virago…wot do you guys think of that?

Am well excited about doing cbt…just gotta find the time