Little jocke

Can I have some Irish Sausages please, asked Paddy."
> >
> > The Assistant looked at him and asked “Are you Irish?”
> >
> > “If I asked you for Italian Sausage, would you ask me if I was
> Italian?
> >
> > Or, if I asked for German Bratwurst, would you ask me if I was
> > German?
> >
> > Or if I asked you for a Kosher Hot Dog, would you ask me if I was
> > Jewish?
> >
> > Or, if I asked you for a Taco, would you ask me if I was Mexican?
> >
> > Would ya, ay? Would ya?”
> >
> > The assistant says, “Well no”.
> >
> > “And if I asked you for some Bourbon Whiskey, would you ask me if I
> was American?
> >
> > What about Danish Bacon, would you ask me if I was Danish?”
> >
> > “Well, I probably wouldn’t,”
> >
> > With self-indignation, the man says, “Well,all right then, why did
> > you ask me if I’m Irish just because I asked for Irish Sausages?”
> >
> > The Assistant replies, "Because you’re in f* * king Homebase !

Oh dear… I don’t think Timmy will be pleased with that!

PMSL… Ha ha ha ha ha…

Very funny… But why do people always pick on the Irish???

We dont always pick on the irish mate - what do you call three sheep tied to a lampost in wales?

a leisure centre.

Thought that would be a free ride Rich


Now your talking…

I just reproduced an email I got from my wife! We brazilians pic on the Portuguese people… ops… perhaps I shouldn’t say that here

LMAO at the both those!!


As you have managed to insult everybody this morning apart from the Sweaty Socks, it would be rude to leave them out now wouldnt it . . .

A scotsman is up in front of the magistrates on a charge of sexually molesting a cat

The judge immediately throws it out of court on the grounds that he has never ever heard of a scotsman putting anything into a kitty

p.s. could somebody try and stop kiwibloke before he sets off for wales . . .

OK, Australian.

What do Australian girls use for protection during sex?

A bus shelter!

ahahaha! Ok! That can be a bit rude ut please see the ‘‘right’’ side of it! lol

How a portugues geeza takes the condom off ???

He farts, obvioulsy!

Sorry! This is only a jocke and I hold nothing against the Portuguese people! (god knows whos reading it)