Little Jay is evil

I thought James was a nice bloke… good chats at the Cubana meets… great stories about coppers and near misses / hitting stupid merc drivers and hurting his back… so much so that I poped into Infinity on Great Portland Street today to say hi…


I have walked out with a £400 helmet on order, a new jacket coming in, and a new set of jeans on the way. MY WIFE IS GOING TO KILL ME!

I give in, next time I see James I’m just going to hand him my credit card and be done with it! :slight_smile:

The man is seriously cool - thanks James :slight_smile:


There is something of a Dr Evil look about him…

Strange that, I get the same ‘money burning hole in pocket’ effect when visiting Infinity. And his useful advice and scary stories don’t help matters. He is a top bloke and has helped me alot with my new kit purchases

I do not need new threads, helmet etc… I do not need new threads helmet etc… I do need new threads helmet etc… I do need new threads helmet paddock stand bar ends helmet liner pro bolt air valves compressor oxford straps gloves waterproofs luggage… arghhhhhhhhhh see what I mean!

Sounds to me like you need a new bike mate, never mind the accessories!

Speak to Charly

is there a website for his shop? I am looking for some new gear…

Good man, you’re another one who lives by the same moto as me…

“he who dies with the most kit wins”

I vouch you on that! He made me buy a brand new Dainese jacket, top box for my scooter and other little things…


but if you need something bike related, he’s your man

What jay are we talking about???

Little Jay = Baby J

Funnily enough, I always walk out with nothing as he never has what I want in, in my size or some rubbish! Hehehe.

(some Jay bashing coming) Thats because we dont stock ‘peanut’ head sized helmets Jay

Now come on all be nice to me or I’ll make ALL of you buy stuff I’m free most days for one to one extreme makeovers

Although I’m talking to Dale (boss) as I think its time for a spring LB event…as I need to pay for the Brembo somehow

baaaa! I should think what you sold me yesterday would pay for that ! :wink:

(I’m welsh we do sheep impressions)

No seriously though, if you need some gear go see James in the Great Portland street branch of Infinity


Ahhh…Matthew just thought I would show you these images of the new design you might like too





James… that is stunning… I LIKE that… do you have any in?

Yeah…I’ve already put it aside for you but its not instore yet in ya size…be here soon though…I think your jacket just arrived though

you see what I mean!!!


who changed my avatar!

Nice Avatar!! Yeah ya jacket is here and the helmet I’m personally collecting for you tomorrow

See thats service that is…if only Honda could learn huh

Peanut!? Mate, all the top racers take my size, so don’t give me that! So tell me, how good are these new Frank Thomas 1-piece suits that look like £1k dainese’s?