Little Bully

Its my 11mth old English Bull, On Guard duty, looking after my now sold KTM.

Aint he cute…


ktm 001.jpg

Quality looking dog mate…stay tuned for my little fellas first appearance soon at cubana !!



no fair everyone has puppies - i want one too!!!

So do I… Bless, they are much nicer that humans…

Abbey / Foxy, I count 4 between ya!

Seriously cute though

Beautiful dog!

hehe beat me to it

Abbey and Foxy, an invite to see your puppies would not be refused !

Certainly sounds preferable to seeing Barro’s ‘little fella’ at the Cubana…

Touche !!!

te he he

Hey VanDaMauler here’s mine! Yours is lovely - they are just top dogs!



They all look like Jeremy Paxman and equally tenacious, I’ll bet.

Very noble looking dogs though, please don’t set them on me!

if you guys ask TERRY nicely he’ll pick you up some roadkill kitten to feed yo dogs!!!

pmsl hahaha

Quality looking dogs…superb !!

thats cute i want one to chew my old mans head off

Good man, always room for puppies!