Little Bleeder

I’ve used the GTMOTO brake bleeding kit for a while now and found it to be a really useful bit of kit.

The clever bit is the non-return valve which stops air being sucked back into the system - so you don’t have to p1ss about closing/opening bleed nipples while you are keeping the reservoir topped up.

Motrax sell an identical item called the ‘Little Bleeder’

I’ve got one of these, very very handy. I find it works best if you ‘prime it’ with some fluid first.

Good tip - when I first used it, it didn’t seem to work - but as you say - when the valve has some fluid in it, it works beautifully.

Prefer one of these 100ml syringes, makes it easy to vacuum bleed (slight pull on syringe) or reverse bleed. Plus they do a good job with sucking old fluid out of the reservoirs.

Reminds me a gizmo I had ages ago, it was simply a rubber pipe with a slit in it and a nail stuck in the end.
Slit acts as a one way valve and nail blocks the end.
Most amazing thing was it worked!