Little bit of shameless self promotion here...

You’ve seen Andy, Damon and Silver’s photos from the BSB weekends and mighty fine they are too.

But here’s what ole TobyWan gets up to when he isn’t being harassed by the thousands of gorgeous women and the lager pusher.

Follow the link and you’ll find the highlights packages for Brands Hatch and Thruxton with all the Virgin sponsored teams including 125’s, National Supersport, the R6 Cup and the British Superbike squad with Tommy Hill and James Haydon!


Yoyu are pretty good with ye old box brownie, aren’t you.

Nice one Toby, and there’s me thinking Si was the talented one hehe. Oh hang on, no he’s the posh one ain’t he?


“You’ve seen Andy, Damon and Silver’s photos from the BSB weekends”

Am I schizophrenic? Can someone tell the other me?

Your stuff shot at BSB has been on here before hasn’t it mate?

And Andy, I’m the talented, handsome irresistable to women one. Simon is posh Big Gay Al!

Siliverston…mmmm…big CRAPPY car park full of car fanatics who think they’re all better than the bikers who’ve just turned up…HATE the place myself.

Its not all me Chuffster my good man.

There’s three of us that shoot it, and we get some really good access with our passes. We also cut in Dorna footage, but having said that I wsa really pleased with some of the supersport track stuff. 500 frames at 5.6 and you can slow those boys down and watch them really grimace as they haul those R6’s through the chicance.

God I love my job sometimes.

Anyone wants to get down to Silverstone and come see it all at work…give me a shout!

Can’t guarantee pitlane access, but catching up for a pint in that environment’s like dying and going to heaven!

hahaha unless there’s Tequila involved…

Be afraid folks, be very afraid. Remember in the pitlane no-one can hear you scream (apparently - I wouldn’t know of course… )

Absolutely - every round, but since I am Damon, there’s no “Damon and Silver”

I get it now…blame Andrew for completely confusing me and making me think there were two of you