little bit of fame

So before xmas i was asked if a tattoo mag could take pics of my wonderful self. and i said yeah sure. And here i am in a famous tattoo mag:


U finally put em up ave ya? :stuck_out_tongue:
Like i said last night thats a really good pic of u 3 :slight_smile:

And i still stand by my statement of showing ur neck! :stuck_out_tongue:

nice one!!

Lee and Si got in too!

nice one stace:)


Hope you’ve got a few copies -that will be nice to keep for future years. Also get the pages with yourself on laminated to put up at work:)

Nice one Chick :stuck_out_tongue:

and was nice to put face to name at long last

and as Js say make sure you keep a copy to show off later in life to the wee bairns of your bairns :stuck_out_tongue:

Top quality

Just a suggestion …


Looks good, when are you signing autographs? :smiley:

How cool is that!!



Wicked Stace, definitely keep a few copies and I like the idea of laminating one for the shop wall :slight_smile: