little bif of fun on the xr

bit of fun in the snow few more pics and vids to come later :smiley:


video link below pic :slight_smile:

How about :wink:

Shockingly irresponsible!:cool:

I’m sure you can do that without the snow with those Maxxis tyres you have :stuck_out_tongue:

days like this supermotos dont seem such a silly idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Nout wrong with my maxxis rear lol :smiley:

What a perfect use of snow.

Supermoto FTW :smiley:

i put my knobilys on XD i road home from my nans on sm’s and was just going sidewalds all the way was fun but decided to swap my wheels over in the snow haha and went and played today

i was gunna change my wheels but could not be bothered mite do it tomo :smiley: