Litter Bugs

WTF is it with people thinking they can just throw there litter anywhere they like.

Last week I was sat in my car, it’s raining. A kid about sixteen is outside on the road talking into his mobile whilst holding an unbrella. He finishes his conversation and drops the unbrella in the middle of the road and walks off. I wind down my window and tell him he has dropped his umbrella. He says ‘it’s ok it’s broken I don’t want it anymore’. I point out that if he doesn’t want it there is a bin ten metres away.

At the weekend I’m walking the dog in our local woodlands. There is a family sat down on the grass having some food and drinks. When they leave they just get up and leave all there sandwich wrappers and empty drink bottles where they have been sitting. Again there is a bin in clear sight about 30 meters away.

Yesterday, sat on my bike at a set of lights, woman just throws a cigarrte packet out of her car window into the road. This morning nearly get hit by someone throwing a polystyrene cup out of there van window.

Are these people thick, ignorant or just too stupid to know what a bin is for. The next time I see someone drop something I’m going to pick it up and throw it at them…

Be careful when returning thier disgarded items, I saw a fella open his car door and stick a starbucks cup on the road at a set of lights, lent down off the bike picked it up and threw it back into his window…there was a little coffee still left in it…oops !

Had to wind it up a bit and get going as he wasnt too pleased !

I did feel rather good about it though once i had decided i had lost him.

I think that it is part of the attitude that a lot of people have nowadays. It’s not my problem, someone can do it…Or as I heard the other day…well we are keeping the cleaners/road sweepers in a job!

keeping them in a job? OMG thats outrageous…

Blood boiling here - why cant people just respect the enviroment that they inhabit.


I have no idea!

Just know that it has to be in the rearing of the children, so I’d blame the parents

I look on it as job creation:D

Heard a report this morning of a guy who dropped a tenner…and was fined :w00t:

Most aspects of human behaviour can be tracked back to politics and specifically economics.Not caring about dropping litter is part of the culture of selfish individualism (promoted by neo-liberal capitalism) we touched on yesterday in the thread on Bob Crowe.

If we lived in a more collective orientated society - a society geared to promoting the collective good rather than appeasing the selfish childish urges of the consumer - who has been deliberately infantilised by decades of advertising and materialism which promotes the crudest human instincts over the more refined ones - people would think twice about fouling their fellow citizens environment.

Except - as alluded to above - these days we hardly think about our fellow citizens in any positive capacity at all - they are just fleshy obstacles that get in our way when we are out shopping for our next consumer fix.

Personally i think that people caught dropping litter should have a skip load of rubbish dumped in their front rooms. . . :smiley:

Love it. Payback. :smiley:

Nicely put Sid -I reckon thats a discussion for a wednesday nigh BM meet over a coffee !

Blimey, you have so much more eloquently said what I was trying to say.

Thanks mate - I just reckon that an examination of a societies economic system is one of the best routes to understanding human behaviour in that society. :wink:

Whilst I can’t stop all the selfish pigs from throwing litter on the floor, I can and do teach my children that it is not right.


thats the problem when you live in a huge city where no one know one another.

you can act as a d1ck knowing that you are lost in anonymity and noone will dare say anything to you (apart from litter throwing bikers on BMW :Whistling: )

I come from a small town in Greece where things like this dont happen, if you did ‘misbehave’ (while growing up or not) you would

a) expect a smack from your mum when you got home (someone told her)
b) get a smack from someone that knows you then and there and another smack from your mum when you got home (he told her)
c) destroy the image you have.

So I guess it is about family education (smacks on the head) as well

Blahhh . . . when you have a Government which insists on telling us how to think as well as making 1000’s of silly, small rules and regulations then the majority will get the hump and not think for themselves, they will start to rebel a bit against such an uptight, arse-wipe Government and litter dropping is just an example of that.The more the Government interferes with what should be family life, an individuals right to control his own life etc then you will get this.

Can’t see what all the fuss is about meself, keeps johnny foreigner in a job. Now throw another tyre on the fire while I dump this mixed lot of refuse on the corner of the street…

I hope that was a wind up and not a serious view

It’s my plan to do something similar to the people who let their dogs s**t all over the pavement and don’t clean it up! As I see it, if they have let their dog crap on the pavement 100 times and 10 people have trodden in it then they deserve at least one dogturd-pie in the face eh???

Cobblers - people who drop litter are selfish pigs who don’t give a sh1t about anyone else - which pretty much sums up the dominant economic system of the last 30 years - economic systems set the tones of societies - the two things are connected.

You can’t confuse the way we make and manage money with personal responsibility . . . money has nothing to do with it. Rich and poor, left and right drop litter . . . it’s about personal responsibility and attitude which has nothiong to do with money.