Lithium Motorcycle Power

Granted that some of you ride common as muck scooters and won’t be able to help peanuts about this, but anyways :smiley:

It’s not like I have much puppy fat but these newer light weight lithium batteries are out on the market and have been used in the States for much longer:

Here’s the link:

Has any of you larger overweight courier types tried one of these to lighten the load yet?

I’m tempted, because every year (usually about this time), my batteries fail, no matter which motorcycle I ride; no matter how new the battery is. Well, not riding for 6 weeks during the winter tundra does that…

Lithium power will also mean less likelihood of a dead batteries for less than regular commuters :slight_smile:

They look good don’t they?

I’ve got a black & White race battery for my track and it weights only 500g:w00t:

Some of the guys on the Superduke forum have tried several of these and find it only works when you leave them in trickle charge.
Drink some less beer and eat some less pies and you’ll probably save more weight and it’s certainly cheaper :wink:

…speaking of which, next time you’re back in the land of chocolate and beer, could you get me some Duvel tripple please?

Does it live up to expectations for function though?

Thanks for the advice Driesie. Yes that was my concern - about needing more maintainance than a standard sealed lead type battery - I’m looking for a low maintenance battery, rather than a lightweight one since I don’t weigh 150kg and pig out on chocolate like the poster above :smiley: