List of Mobile Camera van sites

From the LSCP website, they’ve published a list of the mobile sites where they park their piggy bank’s up.

It might help…

Grae stuff…

By the way - they call them ‘Safety Cameras’

Have you ever , ever heard anyone else call them “safety” cameras… anyone at all???

Very interesting Mate so far ive never come across them in Enfield YET!

Would anybody know of a website that lists all cameras in the UK? Particularly, ones in Sussex???

“Safety Cameras”…24/7 CCTV coverage of public areas…Is this how “free” people live? Under surveillance 24/7 in every public place they choose to visit? This sounds more like a police state to me. shrug

How (and more importantly, WHY?!) do you tolerate these intrustions into your privacy?

How did this happen to your society? When did it begin? Is there any organized attempt at all to put a stop to it?

Good find fella.

buggers were parked in the central island at the start of the M1 by the Brent Cross roundabout / North Circ. You know, as you leave the roundabout and join the start of the M1, go up and right onto the elevated section?

It’s a 30 !! for some considerable distance until the GLF sign. There was a traffic car with it’s reds flashing so I slowed to some 40mph and saw a transit van in the island I presumed to be workmen or perhaps the cause of the police car, but in my mirrors I saw the distinctive camera windows at the bavck of the van.

Damn them I hope they were filming the other side ! Most vans catch you approaching them right? Please say so.

I was some measure over 30 as I went past it

Eh Sorry Andrew I don’t think so Mate