Limehouse police station - hopeless

i had a producer for my spending offence last august and was given a producer which i duely presented 2 days later at Limehouse - i get my summons and have the list of offences including ‘failure to produce’. apparently they have no record of me doing so. however, as i’m wary of idiots behind desks I asked them to write out a receipt. Incidentally the court lost my documents prior to my appearance and took them a while to find them (including the f***ing receipt), then then didn’t give me them all back and i had to back to the clerk and have them search for them. they did graciously wave the charges - how very good of them

I had a producer for the accident last month due to the attendence of the ambulance/individuals having gone to hospital for a checkup

received a letter informing me again that they have no record of me having produced from Reigate. it does say ‘apologies if you have done so, please advise teh police station and date’ which is fine. however when i produced i was unable to show my licence as the dvla had it updating it to a photocard one which i was informed by limehouse was also fine, and they would check that themselves.

not trusting this to be the case I called up Reigate who sent me the letter as i wanted to make sure the above was ok. they informed me that despite the letter apologising etc, they will not accept this and i have to find another??? police station as the other one cannot be relied upon. they apparently couldn’t tell me where any of the local ones to my office are? I advise that i have a receipt for my attendence and the production of hte insurance doc, and even the page number it was written on in their book. they informed me that as the police station is not in their area, they ‘might’ be able to approach them, but was still insisting i produce again? as there are only a day or so til the 7 day expiry of the letter, and fluff all chance of me getting it done in time i can’t say i was overly chuffed with that either. after a slightly heated discussion, they are going to accept the details over the phone.

what beats me is that all the insurance docs and licencing details are available online etc - the DVLA already do this. I cant understand how the above process is still required if i’ve shown ID at the time.

so word of advice, ask them to write out a receipt EVERY time you attend for any of this stuff - you’ll quite probably need it, esp at Limehouse (east london). oh and take photocopies of everything you send, and do it registered post if you can

Just a word of advice, just pray you never have to deal with the police station in Snow Hill or Islington. The civilian desk workers are crap!!!

That’s a shame. I’ve been in there twice and they’ve done good. Getting receipts and keeping copies is an excellent idea though.

Why do some police officers still issue producers? Yesterday the poice were stopping bikes in Waterloo Place, SW1 and checking their insurance details. It took them a few minutes to check mine with DVLA.

Well I know how this feels a while back had a producer, so go down to the new sparkly HQ in bromley, explain to the girl behind the counter that a copy of my insurance is being sent as I lost my copy, she says to me I have to show it now or a summons would be issued…

I then had a stand up row with the civi, explaining that they can check on the side of the road if I’m insured or not but they cannot in an office (obivously a problem with brick wall benig in the way of the radio signal!!!).

After all this, what does the insurance company do, sends me a cover note ending the day BEFORE the accident…
How all this makes me sleep easy at night!!


have heard of this happening several times.

re the having to reproduce you documents, I don’t see how they can legally request that you do so, as you have complied with the requirements as per the producer and the fact that their admin is apalling, is not your problem. The fact that you do have a licnence andf insurance etc during the period that this occurred, if this went to court, the court would be extremely unlikely to pursue this.

Ah Limehouse.

The station where a pissed off duty Police officer who decided to help out on the front desk tried to initiate an investigation against me for ringing a vespa that I picked up at their request. A station that isn’t bothered when an officer does a PNC check on you using another officers log in so he can’t be traced.

Make a complaint about them and its brushed under the carpet as the boys who investigate up at enfield can’t really be bothered to investigate.