Limehouse link speed cameras

Do the Limehouse link speed cameras still time you over the length of the tunnel, and which way are the cameras facing? also what about the 20mph cameras in Lower Thames street? Anyone been done by any of those cameras?

Limehouse work same as gatso, not timed all facing to catch rear numberplate.A mate got flashed by the last one heading to city and hasnt got a ticket yet, 2 months ago.

Lower Thames is specs, timed, cameras facing to catch front plates also on Tower Bridge, so bikes speed for free.

oh cool, thanks for that, when they were installed, i was told that the ones in Limehouse Link were timed. so i been pottering thru at 30!

I would question the lime house cameras as SPECS, as far as I remember they are forward facing but work against the marks like Gatso’s

be aware - the SPECS cameras on tower bridge are now permanent - and both forward and rear facing average speed (20mph) ones…

they defenatly aint specs cameras in the limehouse link but they have put specs cameras on the M11 just after stanstead going out of london and coming back as well but they set them at 40 MPH!!! its a motorway surely they cant do that!

er…what is the motorway speed limit - I seriously have forgotten.

I’ve heard of Specs cameras on motorways when there are road works going on. How do you know they’re set to 40 - surely not permissible unless the speed limit is displayed.

Anyone know about that long stretch of the A2 north of Dover, where they have specs gantries about every 1/2 mile – looks like facing both ways to. Frightning

yer there was road works but i just thought that they was just putting them up or something
thats how they are set about ever 1/2 mile for about 2-3 miles
yes the speed limit was displayed

Yer I got flashed by all three heading out of the city at about 2am Last summer coming back from the bridge,

Wow that sweeping right hand bend in the Tunnell, Its dry and good Fun. Not heard a thing!

flashed 3 times? haha 9 points in one hit? Used to be good tunnel to ride thru nice and fast, just dont wanna take any risks got 7 points for speeding n rely on me bikes for getting to work at 4.30am