like my new bike?

hope you like my new bike. I had one new when i was 16.I’m going to strip and restore it so if anyones got any parts or the same bike that i can use the parts off,let me know.

oh yeah,Can you guess what it is yet?

to be honest I do not like it!!! But this is my opinion!!!


What is it, guessing would be pointless as I have NO idea?

kawa ar50 ?

wrong make, right cc

its a honda mb-5, did i win? :smiley:

mbx 80-50…?

What he said :smiley:

What they said :smiley:

Very good,its a 1980 Honda mb50.You wont find too many now and for good reasons,like they were crap.

Well thats not really true,i had mine for two years and started my life on bikes.It never let me down even on the worst days.Sold it when i was 18, boo hoo.You might be suprised to know but it took me a fair while to find another one.

Nice to see some of you are old enough tho remember though.

My 1st bike that i got on HP when i was 16.:blush:.Mine was black & gold. If I knew back then…

I can remember laughing at the boys on MB-5s as I flew past on my TS50ER…:smiley:

I used to have a Honda MT 50, top bike.

TS50 with an 80cc kit, good for at least 45mph!

Holed the piston running too hot, i was gutted… :rolleyes:

Mine was black and gold.I can even remember the reg XAH 721X. Bought in Neasden also on hp.(£359 INC a years insurance)

Ah a chainsaw with wheels!! :smiley:

I know, i know im a sado

Nice! :smiley:

Are you going to restore it to stock condition or do fancy things to it?

stock,i hope

nice bike… used to fit big bore kits on them when i used to work at cosmopolitans