like guns?...these peeps have tons of em'...

crazy firepower.

like playschool with machine guns. so is this what americans do for fun?


But I’d love it.

does that make me a bad person? Or just a slightly disturbed one…

I wanna go!

Is that Ginger near the start of the clip?

I’d love to try that

There’s something not quite right about letting kids go to those events, let alone firing guns! No wonder they have more gun-crime/deaths than anyone else in the world.

Still, it looked fun, wouldn’t mind a go

Not for me I’m afraid, don’t like guns.

The only reason a gun is intended for is to kill, I can’t condone that.

Well yes actually. But seriously, these guys are highly regulated and there are a lot of clubs that have weekend shoots. You wouoldn’t believe the paperwork and cost you have to go through to get a full-auto piece. Kids are involved but highly supervised. There is a lot of gun violence but I think its more of a Hollywood, Gangster, wannabe syndrome. Unfortunately thats all the media shows. I believe Austrialia has the highest incidents of violent crime and they banned all guns a few years ago…go figure. It is a lot fun to let loose with a full mag from a MP-5, in a controlled, supervised manor. Not a lot different then a full throtle on the expressway. Both used resposibly are fun and legal but it only takes one num-nut to ruin it. Just my $0.02, not taking sides

Sorry Puppy, but guns are used for sport too.

I’ve used guns in the armed forces and hold a firearms licence now for sport.

It’s not the guns that kill… it’s the muppets holding them! (and they’ll be unlicenced too!)

The children are being shown how to use a gun respectfully and safely, at least they’re not with their mates down a back ally taking pot-shots at passers-by.

I want to be a maltia man with the 50 cal mounted on 4 wheels.

Got to agree with Iggy it’s the idiots that hold the guns that kill not the gun…