Probably been asked before but Im too idle to search :slight_smile:

can anyone recommend a decent lightweight 1 pce oversuit, cos I got soaked yesterday in me pikey lidl one :smiley:

anyone used the FT aquapak ?

any other brands worth considering ?

J&S do a good range…dunno how much they are though.

Heine Gerrick…nuff said:D

I have a Frank Thomas “Aquapore” (I think that’s what it’s called). Utterly waterproof, packs up small into its own pouch that can be worn like a bumbag or bungeed to the seat. It claims to be breathable but it can still get pretty humid inside!

Wot he said ^^^^^

Got mine from Infinity Hanger Lane, totally waterproof after 300 miles in pouring rain on a french motorway.

Just put on my need list :smiley:

that alongside puncture repair kit (dolly) and new set of marbles ? :slight_smile:

I’ve got this Frank Thomas one - waterproof and rainproof but sometimes a little humid - thought about getting a more breathable one but then I figured I’d just have to faff about applying some sort of lotion or potion to retain its weatherseal.

I wouldn’t mind selling this so if you’re interested PM me.




If I remember rightly its a small/medium isnt it ? and as Im a bloater I doubt it would fit which is a pity, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Puncture repair kit i have got, my marbles i have yet to find :w00t::smiley:

Thats allright mate!:P:D:)

Another vote for J&S here - they do good quality Buffalo one-piece suits for £29.99.


Hi CaptainWhat’s the name of your waterproof?

Mines called Terry cause its as absorbent as a towel.

I got a onepiece yesterday, Oxford Bone Dry, £29.99, awsome!:slight_smile:

Where did you get if from? And what size is it? All the ones I looked at lately were OK if you were about 6’ tall!

J&S, medium, which is a bit too big, but not miles…you’d need a small for sure though! :slight_smile: