lightening - be careful

very bad thunderstorm just crossing surrey at moment, crossed over whilst i was on m25 in traffic, and lightening actually struke the gantry id just driven under, sending a shower of metal and broken lights down across the carriageway!

few miles up, and saw some lightening also strike a bridge

multitasking to the new level,eh? :smiley:

too right, i even spilled my starbucks and dropped my notebook :w00t:

very very creepy, just read this…

this happened approximately 35mins after my lightening incident!!!

are you going to tell them it was thunder ? :slight_smile:

“simple folk of the midlands were confused today when water fell out of the sky, accompanied by a flash of light and a few seconds later, a bang. They are currently building a wicker badger to appease the damp sky god and ensure a good years crops”

dammit it, i just emailed them to say it was thunder down this way, and theyve updated story… quite strange