Light weight wot-not

Has any one got top secret inside knowledge of how to lighten a fat ZX7R as standard there a pregnant elephant at 205kg. I was thinking about a big bore to start with, thats gotta save a kilo or two surly. all ideas welcome. Cheers guys :slight_smile:

dont take a pillion thatll save a good 70 kg

i like that!:smiley:

Do a Zx10r wheel/ swingarm and fork conversion. Front forks drop straight in, the swingarm needs a spacer. There’s a guy that was selling them on another website, red mokey I think.

I remember a long time ago a mate of mine put a ZX9R engine in the ZX7 frame, apparently it fits quiet nicely…

Also have a word with 2strokes, he was lightening up his ZX7…and matt the racer as well, his Zx7R is well light…

He doesn’t… I ride my own… well until I need a speed fix n a good scare :stuck_out_tongue: Q

Cheers guys :slight_smile: