light prob

hey all,

started to fit my plate bracket/plate & my integrated tail lights…5 hours later, red light doesn’t come on, the right blinker works good but the other is too fast. wires are everywhere & the flasher relays i got with the kit are shite…one broke & i was left with a cm of wire to play with & the other one kept on falling out of the connector…

Do i need to use certain wire connectors or can i use any.?

Mine was a bitch to fit. A couple of the wires in the connector block for the integrated light were in the wrong places, so I had to swap them around.

Have they supplied resistors with four wires sticking out of each? Mine came with nothing. The best thing to do IMO is to fit a constant rate flasher unit. This will mean the indicators will flash at the same rate no matter what load they present to the flasher … in other words it flashes at the same rate for LEDs as it does for normal bulbs.

it came with 2 resisters. with 2 wires on each. one on each end.

The resistor for each indicator needs to be wired in parallel with it. This is why there is often, but not always four wires. Soldering will probably give the best connection.

Is this helping?

i managed to get them all working but when i tried to put back the fairing a few of the connection came apart. the ones they sent are theses crap little red things. also, the wire that came out one of the resisters broke, & left me with about 2 cm to play with.

what resisters do you use? i have to get a universl one but not sure which one to get.

2cm should be enough to solder on a wire. I’ve used no resistors on the bike with the integrated tail light (fitted a constant rate flasher unit), but my other bike has resistors on one set of indicators. I’ve got no idea what rating they are though. Where are you based?

im in shepherds bush

If you like, I could come across with a test meter and soldering iron. PM me if you’re interested.

got it all working now but its not stabble. all the wires & resisters are under the back seat…:w00t:

im off to see someone about this but if they cant fix it i’ll pm you…

thanks Sp


No probs dude! :wink: