Light bulbs and parts

Just thought i let you guys know about my adventure trying to change my headlight bulbs on my R1. I ordered some loverly blue tint replacement bulbs from ACEPARTS.COM but the ones i ordered were wrong, so i called aceparts and they sent the correct ones out stragiht away and i have to say the sericive was fantastic they new what i needed and had the stock, so if your doing any changes to your bike check these guys out, it was the best service i have recieved in ages.

Nice one fella:)

For future reference we do have a Praise/Shame section for stuff like this:)

Sorry, will do in future, guess i got carried away (happy by the good sercive)

Cor Chunks - you should be a mod. You’re always telling people their posts are in the wrong blimmin place! :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm… I believe this is the first time I’ve mentioned a post being in the wrong place Sherrie.Just a bit of friendly guidance for a newbie.Who pulled your chain?:wink: