Light Bulb

Right so on the SV’s there is the 2 main headlights and then two littlw ones on both corners. What bulb do i need to get to replace it and how do i open up the cover to change it?

Never replaced the main bulbs, i’m afraid.

However, changing the side lights, there are pannels either side of the speedo. Just need a philphs to under the screws. As far as i know, they are just standard side lights you can get from any car/bikes shops.

I changed mine to LED’s ones, they look so much better, with blinding anyone.


Open the lids with philips screwdriver (two screws) - triangular plates in top left and right corners of fairing inner - pop the lids out, remove the position light sockets and replace. try and avoid touching the bulbs with your bare hands. Installation is the reversal of removal! :wink:

cool just need to find out the wattage and i’ll be sorted:)

cheers Sid!:cool:

They’re 12 volt and 5 watt Viggen mate - sorry didn’t see that you had already read my reply! :wink:

keep meaning to get me some blue ones…still havent got round to it!! maybe tonite!

have you not got a haynes manual H?

nope wish i had

dude if i pop to halfords later to get them bulbs you want me to pick you one up if they have it?

just went to the one near me and they didn’t have it also think the bulbs i got are slightly bigger than the ones at the moment but they are still 12v5w so i’ll try and work it out. if you do find the book swap ya for the seat cowl:D 2005 SV1000 mind;)

bugger it was the wrong bulb:blush: looks like another trip to hellfords

okies…deal man!

Viggen mate - Haines never released a manual for the SV thou - instead you can download PDFs of the workshop manual at:

This above resource was located through (another excellent SV1000 resource).

Sid you are a wealth of information today:cool: how come the bikes i buy never have the haynes manuels? guess i just buy quality that never goes wrong:P

No problem Viggen mate! Anytime! :cool: :wink:

You can also have a look at this one H:cool: