Lifting off a hornet seat

I got a Hornet delivered last week as a loaned replacement while my bike is being repaired after being rear-ended in Cardiff last week. Anyone know how to get the seat off so I can get to the owners manual etc. Of course I’ve been able to unlock it and it pops open at the back, but for some reason it’s not lifting completely off. I ummed and ahhed over asking this because, frankly, it’s it a tad embarrasing to own up to this level of thickness. Thanks.

LOL - when you’ve unlocked it and the seat pops up; pull up the seat from the rear - towards the brake light and up.

Thanks, I’ll do that. I’d been trying to shift the seat in different directions without success. Guess I was I was a bit careful not to use too much force as it’s not my bike. I’ll give it a bit more grunt.

Alistair what happened? Are you ok?

Firstly, other than my wife’s bruised finger (she was riding pillion), no-one was hurt. Some silly sod lads on push bikes decided to ride through and against the traffic. The car in front slowed/stopped, as did I. However the Mazda behind didn’t, crashed into us and shunted us forward. We came off of course. He took off the number plate, smashed front indicator, scraches, brake lever snapped etc. Nothing major and was able to ride on to the hotel and back home the next day. Oddly enough, that’s cardiff-pontypridd-home without getting stopped for being without a number plate. Thanks for your concern kev.

Sorry to hear about your off Alistair

Glad you are both OK though:)


I thought Kev was talking about the seat, did you get it off?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you and the wife weren’t injured too much though, I do wish people would pay more attention when in charge of all that metal… :doze:

I had trouble with removing the seat at first but was shown how to do it by a honda dealer.Once its unlocked and the seat has detached from the locking mechanism; hold the very end of the seat up with right hand and then basically give it a ‘controlled karate chop’ using the side of your other hand towards the side/edge/ start of the raised part where the pillion would sit on the seat.

This karate chop is enough force to push the seat along out of its clips towards back of the bike.

No need to be a karate expert for the chop.:slight_smile:

Refitting seat can be fiddly; just need to line the seat up with the clips; push down on the rear and slide the seat forwards and into place.

Hope you are all okay re: being shunted

The fact that its unlocked once the key has turned was the bit that got me and the previous owner who broke the key trying to get the seat off! Once unlocked, I used to grab my seat from the sides near the tank and yank it violently away from the tank (sometimes with a shake) until it came off! I quickly learned to avoid taking it off wherever possible! I repeated the violent shaking after putting it back to make sure it back in place properly. I think the karate chop would look more cool! Pleased to read your post though as I assumed I was thick!