Lift to BMM tonight?

Can anyone going to BMM tonight pick me up from High Holborn? Please? :slight_smile: I’m pedestrian.

No worries if not, there is a bus-service, would just rather support the cause cough.

best get your oyster card out then:P

Looks like it!

I’m not going Jay, but will be passing, I can give you a lift if you like?

Although this seems like a small email I think the gravitas behind the owner/creator and inspiration behind all things LB NOT riding his own motorbke to the LB meet does suggest a slightly lax approach from management…

So Jay…what you got to say for yourself then? :wink:

Tobe his DRZ was nicked and no way is he taking his s1000rr to work after that.

as usual my foot firmly in my mouth, sorry Jay.