Life milestones

The guardian did a piece on life milestones (link)

This was the reddit version (butlertron64)

Which fits better?

To be more accurate, it should include just after “Have kids” a few additions, like “Sell bike. Kids go to uni. Buy bike. Start smiling”

Exclude the marry/divorce sections the second one is on schedule so far lol

Definitely the second one!
Or should be renamed ‘Middle class’ and ‘Working class’ version :smiley:

LOL- the Guardian is looking very much like the Daily Mail these days.

2 holidays a year and a brand new car on 40K / year? whoever wrote that aint living in London that’s for sure. joke!

2 kids, a house, a brand new car and 2 holidays a year before you’re earning 40k?
Clearly not in London then.

Spooky, great minds think alike…

I don’t know. I think when you remove the kids & partner, your money goes a lot further :slight_smile:

The guardian is taking the piss…

whereisgibson - You rock mate!

Andy, really? no kids no partner here, still not able to afford anything. i guess you’ve forgot to mention a good salary :smiley:

I think you need to take motorcycles out of the equation too lol

Age 30 on the reddit version is so true.

London though is that bizarre place where normal life rules, particularly about money and things owned is suspended.

Both Seem pretty accurate if a bit early on most of the ages…

I’ve always enjoyed 2 holidays a year… But it pays having Greek roots to go back to and avoid hotels

To be told how to live your life and then to only have one route, wow, is it 1984? Scary.

I’ll take a guess this is one of those info graphics that is created by some poorly designed survey

Actually I think that Jay has hit the nail on the head. Given we have 6 million CCTV cameras, and councils are turning them off due to lack of funding and the usual scare tactic of crime, ASB, etc is now being touted is a little scary.