Life joys - The BBQ.

Home made Lamb Kofta. Banana’s wrapped in bacon, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon and dear friends!:cool: Life can be so good!:slight_smile:

What did you enjoy recently?:w00t:



Is that pic from some sort of lifestyle magazine belonging to the wife:D

No, its from outside the West Wing by the tennis courts at our country pad?:Whistling:

Couscous as well.Are the salad items from your walled garden??? Did the gardener bring them in this morning??:wink:

Better with a nice Chilean red:)

Simmons, the Estate Manager brought the salad items up to the house. We try to discourage the groundsman coming up to the house! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you seriously trying to tell us that your BBQ output was a fecking salad with a hint of well seasoned low fat meat, a glass of chilled plonk all perfectly served on your beautifully finished garden furniture? Surely someone’s got a picture of a blokes barby with slabs of cremated ribs, cans of stella and london pride piled high, an unkept yard and the dangerously rusty barby. (I’ll try to dig one out :smiley: ) And some pi55ed up fat birds dragged back from the pub, of course.

I went on to a Rioja that I enjoy actually.:stuck_out_tongue: The CB was a birthday gift to me and we’d opened it so I thought I’d enjoy it whilst it was there. I don’t really get on with Chilean wines?

That sounds more like it!:w00t:

where was my invite :w00t: it looks lovely :smiley:

Sorry girl. It was one of them what shall do today things. I have eaten so many of those banana/bacon thingies and the Lamb Kofta. I must be getting old. All that meat dont do me to well!:blush:

But Mr Sneaks is not the only one who can throw a good BBQ:)

Certain LB members were treated to a marvellous feast today somewhere in the superior North area of London:D:D

Thank you for a fab evening - you know who you are;)

might have to change my name to :smiley:

Don’t worry Mel, when we have one we’ll invite you:kiss:

"I don’t really get on with Chilean wines?"

Curiously, they speak quite highly of you.

Nowt wrong with the better Chilean wines and even their cheap ones are better than a lot of countries cwap, notably France.

Probably some of the best young wines are now coming from South America.

Ahhhhh, peace is restored, thankyou :P:P

Yeah, there are. I have come full circle with my wines. I did the new would thing and gone back to French with most decent meals…Burger King, KFC!:smiley: But I can barely drink French unless I’m eating. Weird, ugh?

Dude that is not a BBQ platter. Where is the chicken, sausage, 'tatas wrapped in foil with butter and garlic and chucked on the coals?
I don’t have a garden over here, I just got back from Cyrpus and we BBQ almost every night. Tiger Prawns, South African Boerewors (BBQ Sausage), chicken,corn and the complimentary salad.

Yours looks like it was ordered in a restaurant…but yeah it does look good :Whistling:d

Catching Tiger Prawns here in Romford has proved to be an issue!:smiley:


bit of a ‘posh’ BBQ was it sneaky!?

Wheres the meat?