Life is sooo good

30mins ago I saw a couple crossing a main road in NW London without looking properly, they were both to busy smiling and enjoying each others company to be paying attention to there surrounding.
They crossed the road as the lights where changing to green, as they where half way across the road the lights went green and he cars started to move, the car in the lane closest to them jumped forward saw them and stopped to let them finish crossing, they didn’t even bother to looking in the second lane.

I saw the Blue Rover in the second lane getting closer fast and expecting them to do that lil run people do when they just make it across a road, but as they never looked that run never came, what did come however was a load of smoke from the cars tires a puff of brake dust as the car tried desperately to stop in time then a Loud Bang as the couple slammed into the bonnet, windscreen and then bounced about 5 ft into the air, the car was a mess the girl kind of stood up the guy never moved.

It was totally there fault there was not much the car driver could of done expect mount the pavement.

I know some of us LBers are having a rough time at the moment but lets not forget how GOOD LIFE IS… LIFE IS SO GOOD

Lets hope today is not there day to go!

Crossing the road used to be a basic life skill.

Seeing that stuff ain’t nice mate.

Life’s a journey, it can be a pleasant one to be enjoyed but you’ve always got to be wary of bad stuff that could happen anytime !

Those adverts that they’ve been playing on the TV about Teenagers getting hit as they cross the road always makes me cringe.

It’s all too easy. Good tale DA, pity anyone has to see that tho, let alone be involved. I know all about lapses of concentration but they weren’t so lucky.

Think about the rest of their lives.

why do cars suddenly appear, every time you are near… just like me, you long to be close to death

yeah i can agree, its not nice stuff, and whos to say the car wasnt at fault by speeding? would we be laughing if it was one of us?

The car was not speeding it was a 30mph road and the driver looked as if he was doing just under that, I have driven up that hill a billion times and seeing them would have been made difficult because the car that stopped and let them cross would have been blocking the drivers view.
We all make mistakes but that couple should have never of been crossing the road at that point and if they were going to walk across the road as the lights were changing they should have at least been looking out for the cars

It all looked like those bad TV ads, I could see it all happening but there was nothing I could do to stop it, unlike TV ads you can’t just change the channel in

If they where hit by a biker, the biker would have been F’ed up as the cars bonnet and windscreen was a total mess.

Westie no ones laughing dude!


Did they die or were they seriously injured?

Its the only true way to feel alive its why my baby has this on her…