Life is lived at 15,000ft....

Hi all, just thought id check in seeing as i havent been on here for about a week.

Some of you may know ive been on a Skydiving course, well im qualified for my A licence(waiting for the dirty remarks :stuck_out_tongue: ) and getting even more jumps in…

Including my past history on the static line system i now have 40 jumps under my belt and plan on making that 65 by the end of the week. Its sooo much fun playing around up there. Falling out the plane in any way the moment takes me, doing loops and barrel rolls whilst plumeting towards the ground at about 120mph… I cant think of anything more fun. Always entertaining when someone who exited before you but pulls higher and you see them floating under their chute as you continue to fall to 3000ft before deploying.

The only downside to it all is the effect it has on your bank balance :crazy:

Any clips on your go pro?
Id love to try a jump one day

Congrats on getting your A. I’m currently in the middle of my AFF training - it’s a great feeling!
Which centre have you been doing it with?

Jumping out of a stationary plane in the Afghan mountains doesn’t count! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

What regiment are you Asbo? I only ask, ask I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and was curious. Can understand if you don’t wish to post that information however.

MD, cant jump with a camera untill you have atleast 200 jumps under your belt. I only have 45 so far. But i do have some footage of the AFF course, some of its actualy quite funny. Its kinda crazy, i can do front or back loops(flips) out of the plane and get a stable position quicker than i can jump out of the plane, **** up what is suposed to be a stable exit and then get stable :w00t:

@ sn1ke… Skydive Spain, dont have to wait around with the pissy UK weather. Only been a couple of moments where the wind was too high to jump as a student but got fully qualed in 5 days, the first day where we did the ground training we couldnt jump due to the winds and the second day we only got 2 in because of the winds, after that i was doing 6/7 jumps a day. If you realy wanted you could get 10 jumps in easily in one day, well except for the weekends when it gets realy busy sometimes. Ive restricted myself to 5 jumps a day now just because of costings. Including my food id have spent about 3k by the time i leave here.

Kev… everytime i was in a heli i just wanted to run and dive out the tailgate, wouldnt work too well without the chute though :crazy:

Bang2Rights… im a dog handler, its okay posting that, not like they dont post it all over the news and that with our faces.

Does the dog get to go?! No, I’m not taking the piss, they really do that!

Id love to do that **** with my dog… Not even worth doing p company in my job though, you dont get the pay and im no badge collector

Where are you going to jump when you get back? Good idea doong your AFF abroad, I did mine at Perris, California and managed to jump their DC-9 jet for my first jump arfter consols :smiley:

I’m looking to get back into jumping after a couple of years out, just need to stop spending so much money on bloody motorbikes!

I have a DZ 5 minutes from where i work in Germany :smiley:


Thats the one

Added some pics

Came across this - awesome…I wish I were up to the skill level that these guys are at!

Full article (and more pics) here - Redbull Wingsuit/Glider dive

i did a 10,000ft skydive (tandem) at headcorn for charity in 2000.

have always wanted to do it again

always loved that skydive scene from Point break.

congrats on the qualification!