Life Insurance

I mean, the subject itself sends negative vibes, doesn’t it!?
However, I’m going through the process of updating my policy, and was wondering if riding a motorcycle as part of my commute is something that I should be disclosing to the insurance firm?
Is this something anyone else has thought about or dealt with?

It’s bloody grim thinking about it all, but I really wouldn’t want to leave my family in the lurch!

If you read this article Insurance: the don’t ask don’t tell scenario - White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors it states that, in as far as road insurance is concerned, it is now up to the insurance companies to ask all the relevant questions. However, would you want to risk not having your family covered by skirting around what you seem to infer is not wanting to declare that you ride a motorcycle? That is what sprung to my mind.

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When going through the quote, he asked a very vague question on the lines of “Do you partake in anything that would be deemed as dangerous/extreme?”

That got me thinking…it’s quite subjective really.

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I asked. Sure to be sure and all that. They were only interested if I was taking part in more than 2 track days a year. But I’m guessing you should check with your own insurance provider.

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I specifically added it in seeing that I didn’t want any reason for them to wiggle out of paying and leaving my family high and dry if I went that way, didn’t add much to the premium. Mountaineering made it way more expensive then motorcycling!


That doesn’t surprise me. In my limited circle of mountaineering friends I know three who have had rides to hospital in a rescue helicopter. I used to tell family and friends that it’s not dangerous if you are prepared and use the right equipment but sadly the stats don’t bear this out.

I spoke to my provider when I got a bigger bike, and they weren’t interested at all. I called for the same reasons as I didn’t want to possibly invalidate the policy.

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