LIDL watch.

From Monday, 21st a 216 piece tool kit for £69:99

O.K. Their stuff is no challenger to Snap-on quality (or Halfords Professional range in a sale) but it’s pretty good stuff. I’ve got a couple of their bits of kit and for the money, they were bargains.

If you are just starting out on DIY maintenance, this one looks a good way to go.

(Now, how do you get out of “bold” when you didn’t ask for it to start with?)

Did any one manage to buy one off these.?? And what was it like


er oldguy…you work for Lidl or wot?

I just bought one of these for £30 more:

Much better deal IMHO.


He’s just a retired person with time on their hands to look out for things that can save us all a few bob - leave him alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t be any good… its got half the number of pieces for £30.00 more :haha:

I wouldn’t waste my money on a tool kit from Lidl. Buy one good set, and buy it once.
I’ve had a Halfords Professional kit for about 11 years now and it’s great - plus they’ve got a lifetime guarantee. One of my hex sockets broke the other month so I took it back and they gave me a new one, no questions :slight_smile:

thanks, will check it out