LIDL watch # ?

Not as exciting as the unicycle a couple of years back but…

A couple of bits coming up on Thursdays specials for those of you who still get grease under your nails. Oil filter removal tool and a battery/alternator tester.

O.K. Not everyday, lots of use tools but at £2.99 each…?

A few other bits, not necessarily directly bike related, of interest too. Have a look on line.

Damn, I’m looking for a unicycle right now :frowning:

(there are a few lidl ones on ebay as it happens)

Could be worth a look…Thanks

Nice call oldguy, I’ll take a look at that, the £3.99 digital thermometer looks interesting too.

If your wanting something to test your battery/alternator, does bulbs and fuses too have a look in Maplins too, they have a £4.99 multimeter clickety click inter webby wotsit linky thing here , or just a useful addition to the tool kit, I’m amazed the number of DIY mechanics that don’t have one, all credit to JamesScudder

I’ve had my one of those multimeters from Maplins for years now, they will try and sell you batteries for it but they do come with them, so need to buy them

Load of DIY stuff out today: