Lidl watch,2011

… your horse needs a new wardrobe, Lidl have some very handy stuff coming up in their sale event starting on 17th February.

O.k. I know it’s a useless post, but I just love the random nature of Lidl (and Aldi) events.

The bemusing thing to me is that they manage to sell this stuff in the most unlikely places. Example? There are 20 people in/around Footscray who, since last year, now own unicycles.

horses need clothes too, right? :doze:

Allways liked the idea of owning one , a unicycle that is , not a horse .

Do Lidl sell watches ? Not sure I’d want one . . . or for a horse ? Have I just found myself in a parallel universe . . . .

Dunno, have a look out the window, if you see a unicycling horse riding by whilst trying to set his watch, then probably yes… :stuck_out_tongue: