Lidl motorcycle essentials

Not on their website yet, but saw it advertised in the back of the Lidl in house magazine …

Quality Motorcycle Essentials is the Lidl headline but you’ll have to decide that yourself.

I’ll be dropping by (from Monday 7th March) to check out these:

Motorcycle gloves @ £12.99 might be good enough as a spare dry pair for the top box
Thermal leggings @ £8.99 there should be a product video on the Lidl interwebby site
Thermal top @ £12.99 as above, H2Port and Bodymapping systems apparently
Waterproof motorcycle suit @ £14.99 again another spare for the top box
Kidney belt @ £4.99 cheap as chips and better than nothing I guess

They also advertise:

Motorcycle jacket @ £69.99 includes storm collar and body protection
Motorcycle trouser @ £59.99 includes braces, body armour and removable lining
Motorcycle jacket & trouser combo @ £120 specification as above
Leather boots @ £24.99 and £29.99
Thermal socks @ £3.49
Motorcycle overshoes @ £5.99
Motorcycle cover @ 38.99
Magnetic tank bags @ £19.99
Rucksacks @ £12.99
Padlock and Chain @ £14.99 it’s cheap, it’s has 10mm links, but if it’s all you can afford, just a pity it’s only 1.2M long, better than nothing.
Flip top helmet @ £39.99 I saw these last time around and was not impressed.

lidl interwebby LINKY HERE

geeez their prices have gone up. Trousers £59.99 - maybe the quality has gone up too :smiley:

Hopefully quality went up.

I had a pair of their gloves which didn’t last long thanks to the inside lining constantly flipping inside-out when I pulled the glove off.
Then when you have to put the glove back on it you need to poke the lining back into each finger hole… if that makes any sense.

I think Aldi bike stuff was slightly better last year, they are doing there stuff on the 3rd March

Looks like I’ll have a little wander down to the local Aldi too …

I’ve still got one of the tankbags after two years - holds an insane amount, clear top pocket, entire bag comes off to become only a clear, tank map pocket, waterproof cover (in it’s own pocket and sewn-in so you can’t lose it), strong magnets!
Pity I don’t have a magnetic tank (damn XBs) any more or I would have used it to carry stuff to Barcelona.

Wouldn’t buy protection from them though :wink:

Big up to Lidl for protecting us on our trip to Nordcapp and for inspiring Elton to write this song…

How do you think, for person, who is going to ride just sometimes on the pillion is it gonna be ok? :ermm:

It’s cheap as chips, nothing caught my eye

You can get stuff around the same kind of price at loads of places. It really depends on how the clothes fit you, and whether the armour is good enough / CE approved etc.

Are Lidl’s range white labelled by some other company? It could be perfectly fine.

And I’m going to be a terrible bore about this, but…you can still be involved in an accident if you’re a pillion, and it will still hurt. I’d rather spend some money on some kit than spend 12hrs in A&E getting gravel wire-brushed out of my leg.

Which place is more risky - the pillion or the driver place?:ermm:

I don’t know what to say to this. You’re both on an engine with wheels and bits of plastic here and there. It’s amazing and wonderful and completely joyful, and maybe a little risky and scary, but that’s part of the fun.

Tell you what though, I found that when I’ve ridden pillion, people seem to see the bike more easily. Others here might disagree with me, but it’s usually drivers / other people you need to watch out for - dickheads on their phones, doing illegal manoeuvres etc.

My point was simply to wear some gear that fits properly and complies to some safety standards, that’s all. You have to do what you can to keep you and your pillion safe so you can keep having loads of fun on the bike :smiley:


I have the tank bag,used only a couple of times which I can’t use any more as my new bike has a plastic tank. I someone is interested, let me know.


Lidl have got thermal Tops (£6) and Bottoms (10) in on offer.

It comes under the skiing section, however the Thermals are the same as the motorbike stuff they had on sale a few months back…