lidl gear again

Lidl Online

this starts on the 14/07/07


bet the rainwear sells fast…

Hmmmm, I could get the missus fully kitted out for next to nowt as part of my campaign to get her on the back of the bike. If she still doesn’t like it, I’m not hugely out of pocket.

Slightly concerned about the protective qualities of a £20 lid but hey - it’s only the wife

Tis not a bad idea! Already have the lid, but not got the clothing.

Also, the intercom… cheap enough to waste money on it being cr^p.

I’ve have the intercom and it works well up to silly o’ clock on the speedo… but not only do you get bruised kidneys you also get “ffs slow down” in your lugholes and uhmmm sometimes… “mmm just keep it at 6,500rpm”

pmsl, might be worth the try… can you plug a phone / motorola walkie talke type think into it?

woo hooo thanks for the headsup

Also no I think it is literally a person to person intercom and nothing else.

Starts tomorrow for all you bargain hunters

Very cheap, but is it worth it?

It’s not too bad quality


Kool, may have a look then…

Mine shows it to be Saturday?

There’s not as much gear as the last time they did it, but the other half could perhaps do with some proper boots and perhaps some rainwear.

For anyone going, my advice, get there early! I turned up around 10am last time I think, all the less usual sizes had long gone Some items totally sold out.

Just bought myself a set of the waterproofs and the bike cover,which will be used some weekends at my missus’s place…

Have to say, at £15 for the lot it looks DAMN good value!

I bought a cover, waterproof and back protector. I hope this protector will do the job well if I be off my bike. Looks definitely better than my that one form my textile jacket

The battery conditioner is a real bargain for £5, it’s made in Germany and has a 3 year warranty.

The oversuit was a bargain and they also had a small magnetic tank bag and a magnetic map pocket with room for a 'phone and wallet for just a few pounds each.

I’ve got tank bag form previous sale. Very good and does the job well. Funny thing my local LIDL is completely empty now

Got everything except boots for the other half. They only had size 9’s…

We went to our local just after dropping Jackie’s bike off for a service so got there just after nine. Most had gone, the helmet boxes had all been ripped open and there was almost no clothing. Picked up the nice looking £2.99 bike first aid kit and a £20 helmet for a friend who insists she wants to ride pillion with Jackie.

Although the website and the posters all say the items went on sale today, staff in the shop say they have been selling them since Thursday!

not too sure about the protection the gear gives. Heavily invested in a jacket and trousers last year only to find my shins suffer from the short knee pads (not made for boxer riders) and the jacket? well lets just say it’s modest on the elbows.

However for the money what would you expect? d3o?

Bet they may be the first to get it on the high street when it does get out. Clever Italians.

Exactly the same problem at our local store.