Lidl cheap bike stuff

Lidl are doing cheap bike stuff on the 20.3.08 . Cheap dont always mean good value tho?

OMG, That’s the cheapest spine protector,at £16.99, I’ve ever seen.:w00t:

Wow, some of those prices are bonkers! Not sure about the lid or back protector though!!! Bit cheap and chearful for my liking… Just because it looks like Knox, doesn’t mean it’s going to react like one. Personally I prefer to pay the extra and have peace of mind, but the PMR radio is a bargain!:smiley:

I duno though, theyve stated that it conforms to the safety standard En1621-2…

Plus, its better than not having one!

If your considering buying a spine board:D go check out the british safety numbers to see if they comply with say that on a knox that way u know if its gonna do what it says on the packaging!:wink:

Their bike socks are bl**dy good:w00t: well worth the money:D

Also their rider to pillion communication set works well and worth the £5 is costs. :smiley:

the best back protectors are now CE approved level 2. Forcefield i believe to be the best one. (the level 2 means its twice as protective as level 1…a considerable improvement)

Isn’t Lidl a bit like Tesco’s for pikeys?:smiley:

Nope thats NETTO’s and leave us fuggin pikeys alone :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe Lidl, Netto, Aldi…all the same;):smiley:

the absurdly cheap back protector is marked EN1621-2 but its got to be level 1 at that pricehavent shopped there before but Lidl is supposed to be great value for household boxed products/consumables like detergent etc… but i cant be ars8d to do two shopping trips

:smiley: i remember shopping at kwik save when i was a student in liverpool, 20p for a tin 'o beans and a loaf of dodgy bread, ah mush 'n cardboard cant beat it!

And it works, I know I’ve tested it:crying: works even with a rucksack.

The underwear looks good. Well, on her anyway…

The battery charger at £4.99 is fantastic value, I bought one last year and have used it to recover a couple of batteries and maintain another. Made in Germany not china, has proper current for bike batteries etc, it’s just as effective as the £30 jobs but without the bells and whistles, I’ll be buying another if I remember.