Lidl Chain Lube???

Also chain cleaner, and cheap anti-rust spray…wonder how good they’ll be.

Since I’m paying 8.50 a can for chain lube, I may give this a whirl (helps that I’m sorta trying to wear out my chain and sprockets to put on a new set I have waiting :smiley: )

I have been using the antirust spray and it seems pretty good. It certainly turns lightly rusted screw heads back to clean metal just by spraying it on.

They do some great stuff there, my m8 sends me all the emails he gets with bargains :slight_smile:

I just get the emails myself!

Not sure I should go back to that place…went yesterday and somehow ended up buying a pair of gloves for £13 and an odd undershirt thing for £13…I’m a sucker for a bargain…even if it is tat! Mind you the gloves aren’t that bad in fact and I suppose better than wearing my old ones with shredded palms and crash damage holes all over them.

But hey…why not at £1.19 each…the rust cleaner does sound good…

whoa £1.19!?!!

I’m getting down there at the weekend!
Probably not gonna be as good as the more expensive chain lube but I’ll be stocking up on chain cleaner… :slight_smile:

They’re open till;) Do they sell spray on rust?:slight_smile:

I’ve been using Wurth chain lube …

Cost me £9.99 from Woodford Motorcycles and it’s nearly finished after lubricating the Bonnie’ chain six times, think it’ll last about two/three more lubes. So I’ll be popping into Lidl even if it’s just to read what it says on the can. :wink:

I looked at the under shirts and leggings earlier in the week, resisted the temptation as funds are a little tight right now.

Have you tried them out yet, any recommendation?

The Lidl stuff seems to be very similar to the Wurth stuff, although in a smaller can
The chain cleaner is pretty good, but again a small can and doesn’t last long.
Still got chain lube left from buying a load last year when it was only 99p

I have really no idea why I bought that…just got caught up in a shopping frenzy. Apparently the top will wick away moisture etc. so I’ll probably use it in the summer- will let you know then.:slight_smile:

You may want this to go with your lidl chain lube…

blinging one too!:smiley:

i’ll stick to my no fling Motul Factory Line…:cool: