Lidl be doing bike stuff on the 23rd

Plus car stuff… Sorry if someone already posted?

It was posted last week some time but nothing wrong with a repost! Some people may have missed last weeks post.’s-that-time-of-year-again


Worth a repost …

I missed the first posting, I’ll have a gander in my local Lidl. Although I’ve been there and done that before and resisted the tee-shirts.

I was going to buy the tankbag until Jaime told me they were sh*t…

The new ones are ****, but the old B-Square one (kind rectangular shape) is a tank. I’m really hoping they’ve got those this year…

It’s this one

yup! POS! lasted around a month and broke whilst it was full around 100 miles away from home. :angry:
zips are its weak point. the rest of it seemed ok but the magnets are next to useless and it will scratch the tank.

I replaced it with a Givi clip lock bag that doesn’t touch the paint work and its AWESOME!!

still managed to (over-)fill your broken bag at Sainsbury’s and ride it all around, lol :smiley:

Aahh, now it all becomes clear. Jamie over-stuffed his tank bag with dozens of cans of beer, blamed Lidl zip quality when they gave way, not realising that tank bags are designed to take a few clean socks & pants on holiday.

Makes perfect sense now, thanks Schmitzzy. :slight_smile:

ACTUALLY! It broke before I used it as a keg :smiley:
Still a shocking product :wink:

Alex Gold uses the Lidl tank bag, has done for some time without problems.

I reckon it’s worth a punt… Jaime’s Givi alternative costs 4 times the money…

But I will put something in between magnet and paint to avoid any scratches…

One problem with the Lidl stuff is that this years will not necessarily be the same as last years, so like they say in the financial ads. "Past performance cannot be used… "

Brilliant company on warranty claims by the way providing you have kept the receipt!

you pay for what you get.

If you must then go to halfords and get the non slip mats. this will help. keep the receipt in case the bag breaks and use the straps that wrap around the tank as the magnets let go completely above 60/70 mph. the bag will slide at any speed without the mat.

worth a punt… yes, but you need to spend a little more to ensure it :Whistling:

Yeah I know… But I have so many things I want to buy, I’m skint!

Oh well will go and take a look… can’t harm

Yep, we use it a fair bit, see here:

We also took it round Devon And Cornwall:

This was fully loaded and expanded (with clothes though) and it may have been speed tested to over 140 in this set-up.

Perhaps naked bikes’ ergonomics are different.

Oh, and my tank is scratched but not by this tank bag, my little HG one did it :frowning: The Lidl one has flaps that cover the magnets so it doesn’t pick stuff up from random places…and if it does move at certain speeds there are tie-down loops and straps so you can secure it better.

That’s what you’ll be needing. Little flaps that cover the magnets.

Oh! Those magnets are right cwap on plastic fuel tanks.

The tank bag I bought has been very good, must have been from Aldi! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one of those a few years back, it’s been brill, no problems whatsoever, the only time it scratched the tank was when the magnet managed to pick up a washer from somewhere