Lid OFF!

I always make a point of taking off my gloves, opening the visor and moving my necktube down so my mouth is visible, then I look at the shop attendent. I only have been refused once (one of the petrol stations on the Old Kent Road, southbound, and I just left and never been back.

I can see their point, but if they use common sense, they should appreciate I make some effort to get my face on camera, so not likely to just leave. This whole “company policy” thing means people aren’t allowed to think for themselves, which I disagree strongly with.

Vote with your wallet! :wink:

flip face

Until it becomes law, I don’t see why I should have to be ‘inconvenienced’, when I’m the customer.

i dont see why it should be a big deal to be asked to remove our helmets.

apart for the law issues, we dont exactly look like angels with our full gear on, some people could find that very intimidating in the first place i can see their point of view.

i’ve only been asked to remove my lid once, maybe i dont look tough enough :smiley:

i dont think people should react aggressively about it, or suggesting to put sand in the pumps, it can only make things worse for everyone else.

Only asked to remove my lid once- Brixton Tescos. Don’t go there any more.

A number of times I’ve thought the till operator was going to ask and thought better of it- (probably because I look so generally miserable and they take pity on me :))

In principle I can’t see a problem with it if it is a shop’s policy for whatever reason (and crime prevention is a good reason). I see it as similar to a clubs dress code- if you don’t like it you can simply take your business elsewhere- and I do.:slight_smile:

Come on, surely this is the PERFECT opportunity to get your own back… Do it Trade Union Jobs Worth Stylee… GO MEGA SLOW… Back up their pumps and get everyone absolutely fuming furious…see how often they ask us to go through all the hassle…

Remove all hijabs and burkhas, remove wigs, remove sunnies, remove EVERYTHING that might alter your facial appearance at all then I’ll remove my helmet!

Wonder what they would do when I remove my lid to reveal me wearing a balaclava !

used to happen when I was courier and the answer is nothing!

not once did they ask me to remove my facemask which makes a total mockery of the helmet off issue

Could be worse…

They could ask for ID!!

Yes i have had that!! And im 19 FFS!

I have never been asked to remove my helmet at any petrol station i have been to. Although admitedly i have just taken it off sometimes if ive been riding for awhile so maybe ive just happend to take it off at the anoying petrol stations and not known about it

+1 :smiley:

+2 Though if you look like Jaime it has a downside too:P

Anyone else getting deja vu on this entire thread?

“I’m the customer I shall do as I please…”
“Vote with your wallet…”
“I’m not racist, I swear but those burkas…”
“Take off my helmet? And my gloves? Do these mere shop assistants not have any idea how long that takes?”
“If someone asked me to take my helmet off I’d do something really hard that I’d only ever threaten to do anonymously on an internet forum.”

How dare people feel a little bit safer as they go about their job. The selfishness of it all. Pathetic.

I have had it happen to me at my local BP station and the tesco stations around norbury area so I just take my business else where and leave there pumps hanging out :P.

I usually try and go to pay at pump stations only as its far less hassle

:w00t: I get told to keep it on :smiley:

so you happily spill fuel onto the floor so next unsuspecting rider comes along and slips …

ffs why do people who ride bikes think they are so superior …

ooh another one ffs

true that’s going to far mate, I stop as far as curling out a fat steaming log in the sand bucket and wiping my ass with the tissue dispencer and smearing it over the night service screen:)

I just sit there on the bike with the pump in the tank and wait …and wait … and wait … and wait. They either let me put the stuff in or not. If they do I go and pay for it if not I replace the pump and ride off to the next station.

Why get wound up over stuff like this ?

I’ve never been asked to remove it. Must have just got lucky.

Years ago I seem to remember most petrol stations having signs for no helmets, but I’ve not noticed that recently. Or maybe it was banks.

I wouldn’t do the sand thing…amongst other reasons, if you’re not spotted then the next poor unsuspecting customer ends up with a load of sand in their tank and fcuked engine. Not good.