Lid OFF!

I’m getting really p!ssed off with petrol station’s demanding me to remove my lid when filling with fuel, my number plate is on camera so what difference does showing your face make?

The strange thing is I can go fill the fireblade up no problem but pull in to the same station on the ktm and no chance!

That’s how the hoodies fuel up their off roaders and of late they’ve taken to fitting stolen number plates too …

Can’t blame the garages for being cautious, if it offends you that much take your business elsewhere :wink:

I’m lucky as my local one has one of the card machines at the pump so don’t have to dismount…

My local garage ask me to take my helmet off and pre-pay so I keep a card handy as it one of the cheapest station near me

Yup it can be a right pain when it’s raining, you’ve
got the change ready in top of tank bag, then
you have to remove gloves, specs, undo fastenings
and remove helmet, then there’s nowhere dry or
clean to put anything down.

I’ve ended up leaving without filling up several times :angry:

Good idea using pay at pump, if it works.
Think I’ll start keeping a CC tucked in the tank bag.

I’d go elsewhere. I’ve only ever been asked once to remove my helment and I refused as it was freezing cold and wet - all the problems mentioned above.

When I questioned the poorly-paid till operator, he told me that it was company policy because their cameras only pointed at the front of the vehicle and couldn’t see the plate from behind. NMP.

When I returned in the car and asked another attendant, he said that it wasn’t company policy at all.

It happened to me several times,once right at my local bp where I used to live… I used to fill my bike up there every week until one afternoon I pulled in, unhooked the nozzle and waited…and waited…staring through the shop window until the cashier looked and signalled me to remove my helmet…so I shrugged, put the nozzle back, waved a bye and left. Went up the road to a Total and filled up no problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never been asked to remove my helmet. If they asked me too, id just leave after placing all the pumps on the floor :slight_smile:

I had the same issue. I went to the same station every 3 days, and the guy knew me but still insisted that i take my lid off before filling up… I shouted, revved my engine in boyish anger and off.

I then got caught short a month or so later… so pulled in… he let me fill up.

he hasn’t mentioned it since :slight_smile:

You could just go in the wrong way so your plate shows to the camera! :hehe:

…or as one of my friends suggested - take a handful of sand from the bucket and pour it down the nozzle. If they can’t see your number plate they can’t track you down can they…:P:P

yeah like every1 is legit and dont fill up stolen bikes with petrol. ffs.if you was running a shop or as your a cabbie would you feel secdure serving any1 with a crash helmet on or face covered?think of it from there point of view.

I had a bit of a do da with security in tesco express hazlemere hw. I fueled up went inside and was asked to remove my lid, their policy!! I did remove it in the end but in future i wont, why should i.

This is by no means racist, whats the difference between someone wearing a lid and someone wearing a veil?? would you be asked to remove a veil, i think not :unsure:

Its all twoodle.

I just shake my head and make gestures (calmly) that its cold, i loose alot of body heat etc etc. They dont know what to do and press the big button to let the juice loose!

I then say thanks inside and quickly explain my reason.

I went to my local Tesco a few months ago filled up with lid on, went inside to pay but needed a bottle of milk so walked over to get it and I get a tap on the shoulder, turn round its a security guard asking me to take my lid off, I asked why he said its tesco policy, I said well its my policy to leave it on… he was quite shocked with my answer he started saying if it was up to me you could keep it on and all that but I need you to remove it. If I dont? he said you have to leave the store!! I said ok mate I’ll leave the store and wont pay for my fuel… Im not taking it off and stood in the que he just walked back to the door to stop school kids stealing mars bars…

Real issue for me this! I do not see why I should have to show my face when burka/hijab wearers do not! And I have raised this point on the few occasions when I have been asked, admittedly before losing the plot and throwing the money at them. I now only use the BP at the top of long lane in hillingdon as they have never asked me. If i get caught short and get asked then I just place the pump on the floor and ride off, find somewhere else. Petty I know but they have caused me grief so I am merely returning the favour. And before anyone posts that I am over-reacting and it only takes a minute, when I am riding I have on lid, glasses, i-pod and buff plus I have to remove my gloves to take all this gear off in the first place. That’s a thought actually, what would happen if I removed my lid but entered the shop with a buff covering my face? Shortly followed by screaming coppers and red dots on my chest, no doubt! Not the first time granted but a damn inconvenience all the same. AND I AM NOT BEING RACIST!!! Before anyone starts.:D;)

And breathe big fella! :smiley: You racist womanising thug!

lol - nice

Womanising?? :wink:

i have been ok with my local station, as they prob recognise me or summat.

maybe its just a case of common sence, they may not mind too much during the day but l8 night etc may be a different case.

i agree with the burka lark too, down to the attendants dicretion to not turn pump on etc.

dont worry about it m8.

i agree, do you think in the height of the IRA (scum) bombings people would be allowed to walk about in balalclava’s in support, i think not.

also think wot you wear under the crash helmet as a few pepes do wear balaclava’s i dont so my face is somewaht visible maybe this is why i have never been asked to remove crash helmet.