Lid Art

In my spare time I occasionally get commissioned to design tattoos, logos and thingies. As a biker, I’d be interested in doing a few helmet designs (even if they don’t get bought by anyone). Are there templates online I could use, or software that would be best for this? (I have a Mac at home and a Windows laptop, so can use either).

Any advice on this would be appreciated :slight_smile: I know there are a few arty-designer types on here!

You’re welcome to experiment/design on mine for free :wink:


I only work in biro… is that ok? :smiley:

You call yourself an artist? I can get any old kid of the street to do that! :D:D:D

have a go on mine too if u like?? :smiley:

Biro doesn’t ‘stick’ to a lid does it?