License cancelled!

I had another shock when I got home from the funeral on Saturday; I found a letter from the DVLA had arrived that said my license had been cancelled as I had not sent my license in to be endorsed… And that the effective date was Saturday, so I thought I had ridden without a license! Thing is, I had sent it in to them!

After getting the train in this morning to work and ringing up the DVLA, it turns out that their computer system is completely out of sync with their postal-system and in fact I hadn’t had my license cancelled after-all, it’s just that their computer sends a default letter out… Scary!

Phew. I didn’t need another downer this week.

WTF?! Sounds like the DVLA is still making all kinds of mistakes :crazy: I’ve heard it so many times before - people had to re-new their license (lost, stolen etc.) and the replacement didn’t show their motorbike or other entitlements, meaning they had to re-take their tests.

English bureaucracy at its finest …

Glad they owned up to it though and you are sorted :slight_smile:

For Fuxake.

The DVLA computer system is one of the worst ones of any of this countries institutions…

What’s worrying, though, is that the special police cars systems sync to their computer systems (as well as MIB’s etc) and they will show up as you not having a licence (if they ask you) or flash up as uninsured if MIB’s is out of date. A lot of people have had near misses and ended up calling the DVLA and their insurance company themselves because the police just don’t want to believe it if they pull you over!

At the end of the day though the DVLA are a bunch of money-grabbing bell-ends, who skimp out on any expense that doesn’t generate them more money, so i doubt it will change much…

And we pay how much for the dvla computer systems?

so Jay, you need to update the caption on your avatar then - “where’s my license?!”

But don’t think from reading these comments that the DVLA are useless in all respects.

If you are ever asked to refrain from driving on medical grounds, that section of their bureaucracy can move swiftly and efficiently, don’t assume that you will not be found out;)

They are generally fktards … and as much as I want to jump on the DVLA bashing bandwagon … just today Sarah had to phone them up to say she couldn’t find her theory test certificate - so couldn’t book her test. A copy is in the post - free of charge. Hats off to them for that :slight_smile:

hmmmm. was that aimed at someone?!?! :hehe:

Blimey, they could learn a thing or two from the Identity and Passport Service. Sent my passport off for renewal via the Post Office last Wednesday, new passport arrived today. That’s mega-efficient.

Sorry to hear of the endorsement. I guess that’s the downside of owning probably the best bike available at the mo’ :hehe:

Yeah this is a bit of a worry for me as I’ve just sent off to have my licence endorsed with car driving entitlement.

I’ve made photocopies of all documents just in case.

Let’s see what comes back :ermm:

I’m sure that should be British bureaucracy or, maybe Welsh bureaucracy :hehe:

Maybe it’s just the result of not having all the licences/forms printed in dual languages :w00t: