Licence plates

Are the thin straight plates you seen on bikes legal and can get then done in somewhere like halfords?

If not where can you get then made up?

no, not legal. look online if you want one, its £100 fine if you get caught now though.

Nope, not legal.

But you can buy ‘show’ plates on eBay :wink:

I think they look stupid but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If can behold your plate while you are riding though, you’ve probably crashed. Oh and if you get one don’t go to Wales.

Cheers guys
It’s actually for a mate who’s bought a personal plate will look a bit silly broken down because it’s his name, he’s bit disappointed…
Who you want to go Wales anyways haha :slight_smile:

you obviously haven’t been there on a bike yet. its the best roads in the country by far!

  • 2 for Welsh roads.

Is yer mate’s name “Nick Mee” ?

Where does he live, and what bike does he ride :wink:

he lives in SW somewhere and has a Yamaha wx125r but his plate basically says his name so on a square one that it wouldn’t read as his name like he wanted :laugh:

Grass :wink:

A small plate might get you nicked, a really small plate is likely to get you nicked, a one line plate is almost certain to get you nicked.

What will happen if he gets stopped by a ‘Rat’ is that he will also get reported to the DVLA. A second reporting will get the number plate revoked back to the DVLA
and he will loose all money he paid for it. Plus the £100 fine. :w00t:

:laugh: I think he decided against it after the first couple of posts but ill update him … not going to be a hay bunny lol