Licence for Mopeds, scooters

Hello everybody!

Could you please give me recommendaditions about what should I do to start driving moped. I cann’t understand which licenses I must have.

I’m a foreign student, who has international driver permit and Russian driver license for cars.

In CBT schools I was told that I should apply for Provisional DL, but I have read in DVLA website that only UK residents can apply.

Thans in advance!
Hope to start driving soon.

If your living in the UK to study are you not a resident?

To apply for a provisional you can do it online or go to the Post Office and get a D1 paper form.

in russia i thought you didnt need a license to drive, just a dashcam?

From the DVLA website:

			"Driving in GB as a student				If you are a student holding a community licence you may drive cars and motorcycles in GB for as long as your licence remains valid. If you don’t have a licence you must have been studying here for at least six months before taking a driving test or applying for a full licence.

If you are a student holding a non-community licence or an international driving permit you may drive here for up to 12 months.

For up to five years after becoming resident, you can apply to exchange your driving licence from a designated country for a British one.

If you don’t hold a licence, or your licence was not issued in a designated country, you’ll need to apply for a provisional licence and pass a driving test. You will be able to take a test and obtain a full licence once you have been in GB for six months."

I think the second paragraph applies to you Antonches. The information was taken from this page -

I would imagine that he’s on a student visa rather than having residency.

Welcome to LB.

As I understand it, your current Russian license will be valid for whatever types of vehicle your Russian license is valid for for 12 months. If it doesn’t allow you to ride bikes you will need to get a provisional license, do the CBT etc. You can’t take a test until you have been here 6 months, but i don’t know if that mean you can’t do the CBT (which is training and not a test).