lexmoto,baotian,and other jap inports...

if you buy one second hand under 1 year old you will not if a problem happenes be covered under the warranty, it only covers the first ownar… if you contact the compant they will be rude to you and are of no help. as i found out myself… beware

Mate I read your story and whilst you are write to want to go on and post on every biker forum, do the following:

Read through your posts for typos - yes grammar and spelling is irrelevant online but for those reading it it’s not a pretty sight and people are less likely to take notice
Post the whole story, not just a one liner - whilst it may be fact, people are going to only read that one sentence and therefore won’t know what happened. It sounds like moaning so use the evidence to back your story up - you don’t want loads of people saying (e.g.) 'well they serviced mine no problem mate :wink:
It’s a personal story/ problem so don’t automatically try to generalise like it applies to everyone - you never know, maybe people did get things fixed on warranty.

You don’t want to come across as a flamer or someone who only came onto the forum to slag someone off, give a bit of intro to your post (especially on a new forum). Being honest is important online, otherwise you’re considered a troll. Much like people coming on and advertising is considered spam :wink:

Just some tips…

you are write to want… cough :stuck_out_tongue:

ah feck (spelling is wrong on purpose here) this… what’s wrong with me this week??? Keep doing the same at work!!!

Well it is Friday :smiley:

yeah serrisan is write or right, umm not wrong lol also lexmoto are chinese imports, not jap :slight_smile:

omg just senn my post the spelling it baddddddd lol.

I would type it up first in something like word and then go over it before posting :wink:


It broke within 26miles from new, the company didnt want to know!

Moral of the story… They are only good for recycling…

i dont know why people bother with cheap chinese shite bikes, they are not made to last and when they dont last they moan lol what were they expecting from china ?, spend that extra few notes and get a branded bike that has good name in the motorcycle world.

there shite bikes anyway and should not be bought at all, there is a reason they are cheap but end up not been cheap so just buy a decnt bike in the first place.