LewisR6's 2007 R6 up for sale.

Here’s the link, loads of bits with it.


FUGLY! :smiley:

(for the bump :P)

Ahhh, at a glance it looked like you’d put “Lewis R6” up for sale:)

I’m tempted to do that sometimes… dont think anyone would bid on him though :hehe:

Well we’ll start the bidding at £4.50 - he must be able to do something useful for that :slight_smile:

He can turn his hand to anything, housework, garden work, bike cleaning, getting lost :stuck_out_tongue:


any interesting offers yet ? :Whistling:

Looks like He’s nearly got enough to buy Sneaky’s XR at the mo :D:)

Hope you get what you want for it Mate :wink:

Black and orange? No wonder he’s getting a KTM :smiley: :wink:

Of course!

I started this Orange craze about 4 years ago :smiley:


hehe, have you found one yet mate or does the R6 have to go first?

Yeah i have one lined up…get the R6 gone asap and collect it hopefulyl Sunday evening, if not, maybe Saturday night when the bloke gets home! I wanna ride it!!!

SOLD :smiley:

Nice one, it was an individual colour scheme, not easily missed… Was the buyer anybody we know or were they not local???

some random bloke off of ebay :smiley:

Illz I recon :smiley:

He has smashed his up! So could be…