Lewisham thieveing scum... do you know these turds

White XJ6 Yamaha - Registration WU 12 LFN

Black Triumph Street Triple - Registration WA 11 HTp

The Metropolitan police have released footage of these turds and one other biker ramming a rider in Lewisham and trying to steal his bike. If you know these pricks… Share their whereeabouts so we can pay them a visi! 



At least they are ULEZ compliant.

Thanks WB… saved me from a flaming from irrate keyboard warriros there

Maybe a silly question … but as there’s one rider per bike/scooter … how would they make off with a stolen bike?

Are we sure this isn’t just a road rage matter?

I thought the same thing, seemed more like an argument than a theft attempt but the police seem to think it’s a theft attempt so maybe theres more to it than is shown in the video https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/1097822/more-stolen-bikes

Better ask the Met… they released the footage suggesting it was an attempted robbery… I like to think I know everything and have been known to tell people that from time to time, but the footage and the original post is down to Plod and his Rubber Truncheon chums.

Maybe a silly question .... but as there's one rider per bike/scooter ..... how would they make off with a stolen bike?

Are we sure this isn’t just a road rage matter?

Good question, i am thinking the same.

On one hand they were wearing full face balaclavas  (which is usually associated with thieves) and all three of them appeared to be threatening the person recording but on the other they had proper motorcycling gear and only 1 pax per bike so how could they steal the bike? Perhaps 1 in front clearing the way and 2 behind 1 hand each on the stolen handle bar?

I’m sure it would be ditch the scooter and take the bike.

The ‘lads’ are obviously upstanding pillars of society, dressed in a manner to protect their skin against the wind, whilst having mobile phone placed into their helmets such that they can make sure the others are okay.

Obviously the “recording rider” has offended the young adults (aka youths) and set off what I commonly term as the “embodied pack instinct”. They can’t help this overwhelming genetic surge of testosterone - especially with having no adult male in their lives to lead them on the more pure road of life.

This show of “pack power” commonly leads to gesturing to each other for the next hour, while they find the wider pack - probably somewhere in a public bar …

Once they meet the great members of the pack, and having sniffed each others arses in recognition, they go about telling stories of how they ‘duffed up’ the “skum Oo’ cut me up” … while drinking pint after pint of 1.5% lager. After 3 pints however, our pillars of society have now succumbed to the evils of alcohol, and as the reality of what they’ve done sinks in … so does the increased occurance of ‘wetting themselves’.

I for one feel sorry for these poor creatures and trust not more 89 year olds on 50cc mopeds course them ill health !!!


Ahhhh…yes…londonbikers…its all coming back to me now.

Maybe a silly question .... but as there's one rider per bike/scooter ..... how would they make off with a stolen bike?

Are we sure this isn’t just a road rage matter?

Why are they all wearing balaclavas where you can barely see their eyes? Probably forgot to take them off after their football practice.

keybotmelons, is it you or a friend in the video that this happened too?
apologies if you thought I was a “keyboard warrior” I was just being lazy and couldn’t be bothered to type loads when asking for the video, my post meant to ask where the video is as you asked if we knew them but didn’t post the video.

Very strange that they seem to have edited out the sound and the bit where they actually tried to steal the keys. I wonder if there might be another video somewhere and the ES posted the wrong one?

The football thing I reckon is too complementary. Getting to a decent level of football takes hard work and commitment.

Deez der Manz ere more like grime artiz… Get me blud… Cos da gov’ment don’t care but dem blud so we have 2 steel dem Manz bike to show dem innit"

And that’s just the white middle class …

Why is it everybody under 25 in certain London areas now speaks as if they’re from Jamaica ??

1 of the suspects also had a phone to his ear, so it was likely that they were on the phone to someone up the road who would walk back and jump on the bike… Obviously the victim wouldn’t see them as an issue at first as they will just be a passer by and they will be too busy on the phone to the plod.

saw three guys yesterday in stockwell riding together, two on 125 yamaha cbr + 1 on scooter faces full covered ( & it was damn hot l had my flip up open!), all three wearing tracksuits and trainers crap. Makes you think ha!