Letter bombs

This is no way to make a protest no matter how passionate someone feels about stuff:


People who do this are no better than scum and should be found and stopped. Anyone who wages a campaign in such a cowardly and random way is beyond hope - I can only hope they are found before someone dies as a result of their cowardly actions.

agree, especially since it’s the poor guys/gals in the postroom who have nothing to do with policy, etc who get caught out

******s… they deserve to be shot.


I agree this is cowardly, but some people no doubt feel they have been pushed to far by a governement to beareaucratic to care. We wouldn’t as a group be criticising, say for instance filling gatso’s with expanding foam!

… but that doesn’t explode in some innocents hands… my Father works in a post room every now and again - he has nothing to do with any kind of stuff that the council does - but if he opens a letter and gets a blast in the stomach because some person is pissed off with a council decision - how is that fair?

How can you compare hurting innocent people with destroying an inanimate object?


Matt re - read the post I said it was cowardly ,I am not justifying the actions. I am just saying we can understand why sometimes people feel they have to act. If it were up to me I’d try a more high tech way of bringing chaos to the mentioned services, I don’t have a grudge against them so it dont bother me. my licence has been to swansea so many times it has a welsh accent.

Would it be OK if he planned to kidnap someone from the DVLA and cut their head off?

It’s cowardice to attack an unknown person who’s just trying to hold down a job and pay their bills. I can understand frustration at being mistreated by the system, but letter bombs are for the disturbed or cowardly.

I think the “Animal Rights” angle treads more water…

For a Road User (disgruntled) they couldnt have taken a worse form of protest !!

Injuring Innocents is totally outragous no matter what the situation !!

Sad if true and the reprocussions will be just to enforce a more hardline approach in Issue and Collection and more sufficient Administration.

Sorry Dan - I don’t understand why they feel they are forced to act in this way - you’re quite right it’s cowardly.


Mate, I am not upset. I haven’t taken offence and I havent intended to cause any one offence.