Let's show some support !!!

Hey everyone,

I have just seen Cesar tonight at the ACE.

He reminded me that LB has now LB T-Shirts. Come on guys show some support and get yourself one. They are only £15 and some of the money gets to the London Air Ambulance.

I didn’t even think twice to get one maybe because I have been Air Lifted once.


Was up ACE tonight too and I bought two

Nice one, V2! We haven’t promoted them yet, but will be soon, we’ve been waiting to sort a couple of things out first. Thanks for the support…

Check This out !!!

If LB will sell 1000 T-Shirt this Year I will make a donation payable to the London Air Ambulance for £500 at the next LB X-Mas Party.

Cezar up the Ace in mid winter, dont believe ya.

If LB make £15000 on T-shirts this year I’ll be doing something too…

Bla Bla Bla

i hope they will !!! and then what will you be doing ???

bought one!.

Wow, V2, that’s a very generous offer! We all feel the London Air Ambulance is a brilliantly deserving charity, hence why we teamed up with them, we can’t wait to get more involved and help raise lots of funds for them. We’ve already collected a few hundred quid from the Christmas Party and Infinity night that was hosted. This will be donated to them very soon.

Thanks for the support guys!

V2 that’s a very nice initiative! I hope it will happen I really would like to make a ‘difference’ and not only wear the LAA chopper on my sleeve!

Hey, Puppy! I went out mate! not quite on my bike …but I was on two wheels (scooter)

I will def be having a couple, but have just shelled out money for Gilles rearsets, Gilles chain adjusters, wavy disc and some R&G stuff so will have to wait for next month. Also still gotta make a donation that i promised Cezar at Xmas, Will be in the post soon CezarMental note, must stop spending money on the bikeI think i am addictedMaybe need rehab??

Money well spent mate! The gilles will transform the feeling of your bike!

Is the T-shirt a wet-look one? If so, I might be interested…

Yea Cezar, can’t wait to get them on the bikeDid you do a post about putting them on Cezar?

I had my one fitted for me when I got the bike new! No i didnt put a post there… they are fidly remember that jay fitted his on my house and it wasnt very straight forward! But then we didn’t have much light in my ex garage… lol

LOL, give me somthing to do in my dark garage over the winter

I’ll have to wait till feb as I’m skint

But if you’re skint, surely you’ll need the extra layer to keep warm?

I’ll get my coat…

going into T-Shirt business!!!

Fair play to you mate, that’s a good chunk and to be admired.

I doff my cap.

I know there is still a lot of time left until X-Mass but we have to do better the this.

if you have purchased one or more post it on here so I can count them.

go on have a shirt !!!